Hello Tuesday…

Hello Tuesday

I am getting a little more stricter with things…..slaves. You see as far as I am concerned from now until forever….you are all LIARS. Until you prove me otherwise!

Very rarely will I give you  a second chance….well if at all…….hahaha!

You see my time is precious….so precious so if we agree you are going to pay me on a certain date YOU WILL DO IT.….if not bye bye 🙂 You are easily replaceable….I do not chase slaves instead you chase me…….because you need me…..

As a highly wanted woman you are so REPLACEABLE! If you waste my time and do not pay up …..then BYE BYE 🙂

New wannabe ‘slaves’ if you speak to me then EXPECT to have your wallet raped of at least £50.00 to prove you are not a broke bullshiter 🙂

Things are changing……I will not take your word for it…..YOU WILL PROVE IT……


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