Nice weekend!!

So this weekend has been amazing the amount of losers tributing me their money and worshipping me. Royalty. I am a goddess and my loser slaves have proved themselves…. for now…. but that will not fulfil me for long! So don’t get too comfortable. In fact this has just fed my greed and I now expect even more!!!
So this week loser pigs I expect money money money and more money I expect you to be drained dry not one penny to your name. Not only do I expect but I demand failure to please me would result in extreme actions to be taken by myself. Now we wouldn’t want that would we piggies ;).
Real time sessions are being booked from now for the next two months. So expect a few wallet rapes. I am not talking minor tributes I am talking hundreds, thousands ££££££££££.
In a bit
Princess SkylaRose.


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